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If you can go back to the past, Jin Dong challenges

Time:2018-04-02 15:33:00
If you can go back to the past, Jin Dong challenges "divorced man" Jiang Xin to perform "mysterious woman" in Shenzhen

After watching the drama of "big lady" thinking about the emotional predicament of urban career, I would like to pay attention to the confusion and growth of urban men. Recently, Zhang Jiandong's screenwriter and director, Jin Dong's producer and actor, and many powerful actors, such as Jiang Xin, Li Zonghan, Li Naiwen, Zuo Xiaoqing, Zhao Ziqi, Fu Jing, Chen Bing, etc., held a media meeting in Shenzhen for the urban realism Emotional TV series "if time can turn back".

Field visits

Set up a cultural bar in Shenzhen, the leading actor has a deep understanding of the play
      As the annual drama produced in Guangdong Province, if the years can be turned back, no matter from the story, the main creative team to the production, it has attracted much attention. If the years can be turned back, it tells us that three men who are strange to each other in the same city, Bai Zhiyong (Jin Dong), Huang JiuHeng (Li Zonghan), LAN Tianyu (Li Naiwen), came to a strange city for healing due to their marriage failure. Here, Jiang Xiaomei (Jiang Xin), a mysterious woman with a period of wind and rain, met them. Through all kinds of experiences, heart to heart and mutual support, the four finally let them have a new understanding and understanding of family, emotion and career. At the same time, they also realized that the past years were originally a wealth. In these experiences, they were able to precipitate and sublimate

      On the 29th, the crew was filming in Shenzhen. As the reporter visited the class, hundreds of square photo studios were built into a bar with exquisite decoration and artistic retro atmosphere. In the play, the three leading men meet Jiang Xiaomei in the bar, and their lives are in a similar predicament.

      In the film set, Jin Dong, Jiang Xin, Li Zonghan, Li Naiwen and other rival plays have a good understanding. The actors sit around and talk about the play, and the atmosphere is quite active when they are serious. Interestingly, Jin Dong's character was dressed up as a wounded man and appeared in a wheelchair fixed with plaster on his feet, which made fans not only curious about the story behind the character, but also distressed.

      On the 29th, the crew was filming in Shenzhen. As the reporter visited the class, hundreds of square photo studios were built into a bar with exquisite decoration and artistic retro atmosphere. In the play, the three leading men meet Jiang Xiaomei in the bar, and their lives are in a similar predicament.
      In the film set, Jin Dong, Jiang Xin, Li Zonghan, Li Naiwen and other rival plays have a good understanding. The actors sit around and talk about the play, and the atmosphere is quite active when they are serious. Interestingly, Jin Dong's character was dressed up as a wounded man and appeared in a wheelchair fixed with plaster on his feet, which made fans not only curious about the story behind the character, but also distressed.

      In turn, he mocks himself as much as the character.

      Interestingly, Li Naiwen also can not help the poor mouth "Tucao" said, as one of the producers of Jin Dong's attention to the drama group, the scene of the prop grape Jin Dong not let him eat, the reason is "this is the cost of filming", causing the whole audience to laugh.
Jin Dong "counterattacks": "Li Zonghan and Li Naiwen often stare at me directly, and I will say what you are doing!" However, Jin Dong's identity as a good friend, partner and producer has also been unanimously sealed and confirmed by "age brother".

      Talking about the original intention of the play, Li Zonghan first lamented that "our generation is not easy", which aroused the resonance of Jin Dong. "The three of us are the same age and have been immersed in our past growth when discussing the script, but people in different ages have their own growth puzzles. This play is a discussion of different relationships between people. It's about what kind of days we are really living and how we spend each day in the current era." Jin Dong confessed that when reading the script, he saw the miniature of his growth. "If you want to impress people, at least there is something profound. This is a play that takes care of reality and the present."

Li Naiwen also said: "the script has written a lot of puzzles of our generation incisively and vividly. To see the script is to see myself. I am confused with the characters, grow up together and solve my problems together."

Jiang Xin regrets being taken care of

Zuo Xiaoqing, Zhao Ziqi and Fu Jing

Men's career and growth can not be separated from the support of "women behind", so the female role of the play is also very important.
Jiang Xin plays Jiang Xiaomei, a mysterious woman who has experienced wind and rain, and has a large number of rivals with three male stars. "This character also has the same energy as the previous one, but this is a mysterious woman. I hope you can see different Jiang Xin."
When playing Ode to joy, it was reported that Jiang Xin's ideal partner was "Lao Tan" played by Jin Dong, but Jiang Xin, who was always straightforward, said at the conference that there was a deviation in this understanding: "I think everyone wants to find a good man like Lao Tan!" However, for the cooperation with Jin Dong again, Jiang Xinlian called it "particularly practical". "Jin Dong is elder brother. We have known each other for many years. He often asks for help. He takes good care of everyone's mood and adjusts the atmosphere at work."
On the day of the conference, Jiang Xin showed up in a shirt and jeans, with the image of being able and thin also becoming the focus. She said with a smile that weight loss is "because everyone is too thin and doesn't want to be too different", and her secret of weight loss is to exercise and eat less.

In addition to Jiang Xin, the joining of Zuo Xiaoqing, Zhao Ziqi and Fu Jing has increased the key weight of the play. Jin Dong especially thanked Zuo Xiaoqing for his friendship. It is reported that Zuo Xiaoqing is in the case of delayed start-up strongly asked to play the role in this play.

As an alumnus of Jin Dong, Fu Jing said that he didn't have much contact with Jin Dong when he was studying. This time, he found that he was very humorous and remembered school affairs well. Chatting is the joy of the whole drama group.

Chen Bing, a singer, has participated in this cross-border drama. Her role as Qu Xiaoou is Jiang Xin's best friend, and the cross-border performance is worth looking forward to.

Strength behind the scenes

Create annual phenomenon drama

In addition to the "eye-catching" cast, the behind the scenes team of the play is also quite interesting. The production company of the play is strong vision media and Shandong film and television, which are well known by the audience for their specialized production of high-quality plays. Zhang Jiandong, the screenwriter and director of the play, has directed many high-quality popular works such as "don't talk to strangers", "the nature of the criminal police", "the age of our life", etc. he recognized the profound and incisive understanding and interpretation of contemporary life both at home and abroad.

Zhang Jiandong revealed that "if the years can be turned back" is the script he has polished for many years, "the hero story in this script should be the story of my age 10 years ago, there are many things in the script, there are many stories of people around me." Zhang Jiandong said that in the past, there were more elements in his work industry, while the new work will have more elements to describe the fate of the characters' families. He also revealed that, unlike the traditional urban drama, "if the years can be turned back" will bring up the contradictory plot at the beginning, and the character's "pain without solution" will be gradually solved in the later story. "I want to make a vivid and sharp sense of life on the ground."

Zhang Jiandong revealed that "if the years can be turned back" is the script he has polished for many years, "the hero story in this script should be the story of my age 10 years ago, there are many things in the script, there are many stories of people around me." Zhang Jiandong said that in the past, there were more elements in his work industry, while the new work will have more elements to describe the fate of the characters' families. He also revealed that, unlike the traditional urban drama, "if the years can be turned back" will bring up the contradictory plot at the beginning, and the character's "pain without solution" will be gradually solved in the later story. "I want to make a vivid and sharp sense of life on the ground."

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